Gallery: In the Beginning…


157 NSX’s on front straight, Laguna Seca—I’m 6th row,center, the ONLY CAR WITH a C/F REAR WING! (innovation 10 yrs. ago!) —-early days of racing the car, NSXPO, May, 1999Â

Track 13

Last configuration before metamorphosis began in Mar. 2006 (Texas Motorsports Ranch)

cut-up 1

 Having Fun with a Plasma Torch! — After engine removal, serious engine bay & trunk space sheet metal removal to make room for LS7 & Porsche transaxle

cut-up 2

 Rear bulkhead cut-out for twin-tip exhaust exit thru bodywork (ala Ford GT)

cut-up 3

Firewall between NSX gas tank & engine bay completely removed, as well as upper-half of bulkhead separating driver’s compartment from gas tank. Also visible is “leftovers” of driver’s-side motor mount after plasma torch removal

cut-up 4

Original trunk section removal—later decision to remove entire trunk floor & bulkhead between engine bay was made for easier access to engine & drivetrain.

cut-up 5

Once firewall, now scrap!

cut-up 6

Once trunk floor & motor-mount, now scrap too!



 Dang, these are hard to get on!


 Sneaky Honda engineers invented world’s most stubborn, chemical-resistant undercoating!


Will NOT dissolve with chemical paint strippers—even aircraft strength! Fortunately, I discovered a Canadian firm (Molecular Tech), that has a product designed to microscopically permeate the undercoating & cause a molecular bond release at the substrate (aluminum-only)—made things a lot more manageable!


 More man-hours invested in getting all of the “killer” undercoating off than most other aspects of build!


 Stripping in the street!—required numerous episodes!


 This is after about 6 stripping & rinsing sessions! The remaining paint & sealer putty was scraped off by hand! Notice R & L shock rockers already installed on top of frame rails, near firewall!


 Finally!—clean enough for next phase of construction.


 OEM battery tray—not very racy!


 After careful “slicing” with cut-off wheel on a 4″ grinder


“Race version” battery tray–also acts as a stiffener between front firewall & lower radiator support.

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