Our “Ultimate Hybrid LS7NSX” Project started out as a 91 NSX coupe with 118k miles on it. It had a bone-stock motor with headers & exhaust, & had been amateur- raced by it’s owner, Dale Ramsperger, for about 6 years—- mostly in NASA & NSX-only events. The car had a 6-pt cage, big brakes, Bilsteins, H & R springs, & Yokohama race rubber, and was generally well sorted. It was embarrassingly deficient in one area, however; HORSEPOWER!

The Ultimate Hybrid LS7NSX concept was a car that would more closely resemble a Daytona Prototype or ALMS GT-1 racecar—–but still be streetable!!                                       The final configuration features an 850 hp, 800 ft-lbs torque, 440 cubic inch supercharged LS7 “type” motor that runs on E-85! – built by Brian Thomson (Thomson Automotive)—the genius behind “all things LS”  After researching numerous brands / configurations of transaxles, we decided to use a Porsche G50-50 5-speed box that was professionally built by California Motorsports specifically for road racing. This box is generally acknowledged as Porsche’s strongest ever—mostly because it has a 9″ ring gear. It also has billet shift forks, a Moly LSD, steel synchros, inverted oiling system configured for external pump, & the super-trick CMS side-shift conversion. To handle all of the horsepower & torque we consulted with Tilton Engineering, & chose their 3 disc, carbon-carbon set-up. We also had them build a special light-weight flywheel (9 lb.) that would bolt-up to the LS7 crank, but be small enough diameter to fit inside the Porsche “bellhousing”, & utilize the Porsche Racing starter.

As part of the project’s proportion goal (& to facilitate the longitudinally mounted V8 & transaxle), we moved the rear axle centerline aft 3″, & the front axle centerline forward 2″—for a stretch of 5″, resulting in a 105″ wheelbase. We also widened the track by 5.5″, for a total track width of 78″—these are very similar to the dimensions of a GT-1 Corvette. We also are incorporating custom-built centerlock hubs & spindles, & the GT-1 Corvette (AP Racing) 15″ carbon rotors. These wheel-hub, spindle, & rotor assemblies are bolted-up to a set of custom-made billet uprights (sorta copied ALMS GT configuration) at all 4 corners. To complement all of these hi-tech, light-weight (unsprung) suspension components, we chose the BBS Monoblock /centerlock wheels, & Michelin Racing tires—literally the same ones used in the now-abandoned GT-1 Corvette program. Our suspension also incorporates horizontally-opposed Penske coilover shocks (series 8300). This modification places the shocks in a much lower center-of-gravity position, while also facilitating much easier access for set-up purposes. The Penskes are also extremely light-weight! Our “Ultimate Hybrid” also features a one-of-a-kind, experimental, front suspension (our patent-pending), which allows the driver to adjust the front camber by a plus-or-minus 7 degrees, while driving!

Another goal is weight reduction—our target final weight (without driver) is 2600 lbs. One of the methods we have adopted is to build one-piece Carbon Fiber tilt front & rear ends. (clam-shell style, like the Ford GT). We are also fabricating CF “half-doors” that open like a Saleen S-7. All of the “glass” (windshield, rear hatch glass, door windows)Â is made of 3/16″ Lexan, & the door windows will actually open!

THE END RESULT? – A 200+ mph, NSX-based Supercar that is 107% scale, 83% the weight, 280% the horsepower, 340% the torque, with a 50/50 final weight distribution!    Oh!—- did we mention the car will have an ALL-GIRL Pit Crew?—MsBadwrench Racing Girls! —Beautiful, Fit, & trained for Pit-Stop Competition!

MsBadwrench pit crew in training

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