With all of the hype over hybrids these days, we thought; “wouldn’t it be cool to build an Ultimate Hybrid?”- – -one that would dominate on any race track, but also be capable of being driven on the street – - sort of a supercar on steroids, BUT. . . . . batteries not included!

So we decided to integrate the finesse of a JAPANESE sports car with good ‘ol AMERICAN horsepower & torque, and deliver it to the ground through a precision GERMAN transmission. Killer ENGLISH brakes were included to stop the beast, and to ensure lightning fast pit stops, AMERICAN made air jacks were incorporated.

With racing technology from 5 different countries, we have given new meaning to the word hybrid! This Hybrid kicks ass! Oh, did we mention THIS Hybrid is also extremely low emissions? The entire concept was engineered to run on E-85 (Ethanol), which is destined to be the next benchmark in all forms of motorsports. More horsepower, Less emissions— Go Figure!

The technical execution of this Supercar project, & discussion of the science involved can be found at the “Technical” button on the Left sidebar. For a complete photo-documentary of the entire “build”, from start to current stage of completion. . . .click on one of the 7 “Gallery” buttons just under the “Technical” button (click 3 times for “super-size”).       Also, check-out the “Suppliers & Sponsors” button for a list of the fine companies who have helped us with this project!

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